Key Stats About Female Entrepreneurs

The workforce is beginning to change and is becoming dynamic like never seen before.

Female entrepreneurs are seen all across the world, and many are doing better than male counterparts illustrating the movement towards meritocracy over everything else. It’s a pleasant surprise for everyone, but it’s also important to key in on some of the important stats about this phenomenon.

1) Brooklyn Home To Most Female Startups

There is no city better than Brooklyn when it pertains to female entrepreneurs who are looking to start a new business up and progress towards better results. There are many women in the region who are starting businesses because they’ve received tremendous guidance.

Other regions are playing catch up to Brooklyn illustrating the rise in women who are looking to start up their personal enterprises.

2) The USA Is Ranked #1 In The World For Women Entrepreneurship

If there is one thing Americans can be proud of more than anything else, it would be this fantastic stat illustrating a women-centric approach to business. Many women are entering the world of business in America where the environment is conducive for those who are looking to take the next step.

It has actually become a land of opportunity.

3) 18% Of All Startups Include Women

Among new businesses entering the market, 18% have at least one female entrepreneur involved in what’s going on, and that is a fantastic stat compared to the numbers from the past. Studies show these figures are not going to stagnate in the future because many states are still catching up.

There are women from all parts of the world who are still adding value to the market with new startups.

This is going to help bolster the number when it comes to this stat and what it means.

4) 9 Million Women-Owned Companies In America

When it comes to all of the companies in the nation, there are 9 million who are headed by women illustrating how things have progressed from the previous century. A lot of work has gone into the grassroots to ensure this is the case along with hard-working women putting time into crafting great enterprises under their watch.

These are some of the best stats on women who have gone on to become entrepreneurs and are doing a fantastic job in their new position as the head of a company progressing to new heights.