Found The Cheapest Car Insurance St Augustines Has

I was shopping around for cheaper insurance, because I thought I would be able to save money on my insurance. I went online and searched for cheap car insurance and found several websites with comparison options. I didn’t want to put my personal information on the computer and I thought it would be safer to call around locally to find out which insurance company has the cheapest rates.

I went to Google and searched for car insurance St Augustines area. I found several places and started calling each and every one of them. I gave them my information and asked for quotes on car insurance. Many of them said they would call back when they got the quotes ready for me. After calling all of them, I waited patiently to hear from them and find out what the quotes would be for.

It didn’t take long before they started calling back. As each one called back, I wrote down the company name and the quote they gave me. I let them know that I would need to call back and let them know what I decided. I got several quotes that were less than what I was currently paying for my insurance and I knew that I would be able to save money no matter which one I chose.

I received calls from all of them and was able to figure out which one would be the cheapest one. I called them back to let them know I wanted to get my insurance with them and they told me what I would need to bring in and the amount of money I would need to get signed up. I gathered up all my information and got the check to give them.

I went into the office and got my insurance set up with the new car insurance company. I am glad I called around to get quotes from different car insurance St Augustines companies. I am going to save lots of money and still have insurance on my car. I am happy with the insurance agent I talked to and that got everything set up for me. They were really nice and helped me with everything. I know I made a good choice by going with this company and I am happy to be saving money on my car insurance every month too.